Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 29th Dinner Service!

As i have said before every Thursday my class get to work in a professional kitchen at my school and serve for the public! im thinking that maybe you should all come out to the Conestoga Dining room for some grub that night, its a 4 course meal for like $20 bucks. Pretty sure its going to be amazing considering im cooking it.

French Onion Soup
Mesclun Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Beef Tournedos with Honey-Caramelized Onion, Brie and Cranberry Demi-Glaze,Butternut Squash Risotto
Chocolate Tart with Fresh Berries

Does this not sound amazing? You have to make a reservation if you wanted to come, but im sure i could hook you up with one:)

If your decide your too cool to eat well, then i guess next thursday you will have to read my blog to figure out how the night went!! dun dun dunnn

Lets butcher a chicken? ew....

So not every day in class is as exciting as the others..sometimes they are a little more... gross?!
On Friday's i have this class called culinary techniques. It kind of just shows you the basics of how to make everything, and just fundamental skills you need to throw something together real quick.. This class was a bit different than the others.
We had to basically butcher a full chicken... minus the head of course!
im not going to lie to you all, during this class i threw up twice but all in all we cut up out chickens go to make some drumsticks, 2 chicken wings, two pieces of breast, and two thighs so there was a lot of chicken for us to eat!
once the beautiful chicken was cut to shreds (mine was named cluck), we had to be "creative" so i decided to stuff on of the chicken breasts with some spinach, garlic, butter, red bell peppers, onions, and parsley. Braised that on a frying pan with some melted butter and im not going to lie to you... it was amazing.

Incase you really want to butcher your own skinless chicken... thats a pretty good idea of how you would do so! saves you a lot of money and you get a hell of a lot more chicken than you would if you just bought it pre packages!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First Blog!

So a couple of my friends decided to make up blogs so people could track their daily lives, or their uniquie talents! They suggested that i should start one, because im in school for culinary!! Every couple of days for school i am required to make some sort of fancy dish, and i thought i would start sharing them with you... and i'll try to sneak a picture whenever i can!
Every Thursday we (as in my class) cook for a live audience and for the public and each week we are each assigned a different task! This week mine is dessert!!! I'm not a true lover of dessert but i think i can appreciate it!
Anyway! Today in class I have to make a Raspberry Mousse with white chocolate shavings to garnish! Here's the Recipe i will be creating today:) :

Raspberry Mousse (creates for one Liter or 8 people)

Gelatin 6 Sheets
Raspberries Pureed 360grams
Sugar 90 grams
Raspberry Brandy (Mmm) 30mL
Cream 35% (whipping cream) 250mL

Steps to make this fine dish!
1) Soften the Gelatin in ice water and set aside (Ice water is 50% water and 50% ice)
2)Place the Raspberries, sugar and brandy in a saucepan and warm up just enough to dissolve the sugar than remove from the heat and strain through a very thin strainer (for those of you who talk cooking... you can use a chinois)
3) Add the Gelatin, stirring until it has dissolved into the mix, then chill until its thick but not all the way set:)
4) Whip up your cream into a soft paste (this could take some arm strenght!) and then gently fold (mix) into the raspberry mixture!

Don't forget to throw your shaved white chocolate on top to garnish this beautiful dessert!

And Volia! Your very own Raspberry Mousse with White chocolate garnish!
Try it out:) and let me know how it goes!!! :)